Busy Software Engineer Practices Yoga In Order To Spend Quality Time With His Wife.

The towel is very stable and does not interfere with my practice at all. Now I don’t want to do yoga without it – 5 Stars!” 

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Yoga has proven to be a practice that attracts people of all ages, cultures, personalities, and professions. Sebastian is a German software engineer living in Wales who has been using the Gecko Touch towel in his yoga practice for over a year now. To create some work-life balance, Sebastian enjoys a lot of physical activities including squash, running, hiking and biking. Around a year or two ago, he began to practice yoga as a way to spend time with his wife. Through the quality time they shared, he began to develop his own interest for the practice. “I am not fixed on a favorite style or teacher yet,” he says. “I am still absorbing all of it.”

Sebastian enjoys practicing yoga in yoga studios and is able to conveniently bring his Gecko Touch towel with him. “It is compact and easy to fit in my bag,” he explains. The practical features of the towel are what Sebastian likes most about the Gecko Touch. “I’ve always enjoyed yoga and especially intense vinyasa, but with so much sweating it was sometimes too shaky, and I had to mop up all the time. A friend recommended this towel to me. I was very skeptical because towels usually slip. The skepticism was unfounded. The towel is very stable and does not interfere with my practice at all. Now I don’t want to do yoga without it! 5 Stars!” he says. “For a sweaty yoga beginner like me, this yoga towel works perfectly! So far, I’ve had problems during long sessions and had to constantly wipe up sweat. This towel eliminates that. It is very absorbent and stays in place. For me, this towel is a good example of how material technology has evolved. The slip resistance is produced, among other things, by a double-sided coating of silicone, which in no way disturbs the workouts.

What is your favourite book on spirituality or yoga?
Life & death in one breath by Sadhguru and Mans search for meaning by Victor Frankl. (See link below for Sadhguru’s TED Talk)

Where would your ideal place be to practice yoga?
A comfy spot near an ocean at sunset or sunrise.

What would be your favourite piece of music to practice yoga to?
No preference really, happy with the sound of nature.

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