“If you use a towel, this is the best towel. Thickness, absorbency and looks are considerations for sure but traction is king, and this towel has the best I’ve ever felt.” 

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When walking in through the doors of Yogaraj yoga studio on South Barrington Avenue, you can’t help but notice the calm, relaxed and inviting atmosphere that is present. The studio is owned by Jay Co, a well-known and respected yoga instructor in the west side of Los Angeles. His Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes are dynamic, energetic, and very sweaty, perfect types of classes to use the agoy Gecko Touch Towel.

Jay has been teaching yoga for over twenty years, hosts annual yoga retreats around the world and directs teacher training programs at both of his studios. So it’s safe to say that he has had his fair share of time spent on the yoga mat! Throughout the last twenty plus years, Jay has experienced and used countless amounts of yoga accessories, but only recently has he experienced the Gecko Touch. “If you use a towel, this is the best towel. Thickness, absorbency and looks are considerations for sure but traction is king, and this towel has the best I’ve ever felt,” says Jay.

On his recent yoga retreat in Alaska, Jay found that all he needed was his Gecko Touch. “It was just towel on carpet,” he says, “I did notice for the first time that the Gecko Touch is thicker than a lot of other towels, which I was very happy about in this situation.”

For someone with a dynamic and sweaty practice, it is easy to slip in postures without the proper support. Jay explains that when he is practicing with the Gecko Touch, “I am definitely much more confident in ultra-sweaty situations.” The fact that the towel is easy to wash and dries very quickly is also extremely beneficial for this busy studio owner and father of an adorable baby girl. “I do love that it comes with the wet/dry bag, super useful for taking it home after a sweaty session.”

As a man juggling many roles in the fast paced city of Los Angeles, it is important for the Gecko Touch Towel to be a stable and reliable place for him to be able to tune in and reconnect with himself as he moves, flows and sweats, while adding efficiency to his life at the same time.

What is your favorite yoga book if there was any?
Buddhism plain and simple by Steve Hagen. not quite a “yoga” book but still maybe better than any other book at describing the core practice of developing awareness.

Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?
At yogaraj, my studio in LA.

What would be your favourite piece of music to practice yoga to?
I like it silent for a mellower, more meandering kind of practice (which is most of the time these days). For an energetic practice I like stuff with a groovy beat but no words. I get distracted by lyrics. One of my favorite songs right now is Wandering Sadhu by Desert Dwellers. (see link below)

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Buddhism plain and simple by Steve Hagen

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